Your Digital Footprint and LinkedIn

Your Digital Footprint is one of the master keys to being located on the internet. In addition your Digital Footprint is made from the tracks you leave on the web as you produce articles, profiles, posts and pictures. This information and its frequency of use pile up to bring you to the search engines as a real entity.

The Digital Footprint Increases Visibility

Become more visible while helping other people, places, and products to be quickly located on the web. Charley examines this and other aspects of your Digital Footprint in this video. Your LinkedIn profile is an especially important foundational part of your Digital Footprint.

In an Interview at Cherent Ranch Studio, Charley Carlin reveals some of the whys, and whats about LinkedIn, including why you want to have a visible digital footprint through LinkedIn.

Helping Others

Using Linked in as a part of your digital strategy will move you forward in your career to find the next job, customer, or contract.  If you are not looking for a job, customer or contract, learn how you can use Linked in to help others in their quest. The quality of you LinkedIn Profile is part of your identity on the internet.  So put your best foot forward with a quality LinkedIn profile. The ripple effects of a good profile bode well for you and for those you know and / or those with whom you do business. In conclusion connect up with co-workers, vendors, friends, and more to increase your reach across the planet. Help yourself and help others with a quality LinkedIn Profile and Digital Footprint.

You can see Charley’s LinkedIn Profile here.

Charley Carlin

Charley Carlin

About the Author:

As A Social Media Guide empowering others on the Internet is a passion. Charley lives in beautiful San Luis Obispo County on the central coast of California. Charley is regularly seen every December in a full red suit and hat.  Clear Thought, Clear Vision, and Consistent Action are his mantra. He and his wife, Anet,  travel the southwest extensively.

Beware – Microsoft is NOT Calling You!

Virus Scam Alert

Virus Scam Microsoft is not calling

Beware of the Scam Calls that come in telling you that they are from Microsoft and your computer is either infected, or about to crash. They have a story that tells you about how they are Microsoft and your computer has come up on their screens and blah blah blah. This is a complete and total scam. So please listen up.

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Social Media 101 – Part 3 – LinkedIn Profile

Why Use LinkedIn?

LinkedIn Profile - Resume of Today

Your Digital Footprint

Sometimes I feel like an evangelist when it comes to ones LinkedIn Profile. It seems I tell the same story over and over, from slightly different angles, but is it the same story. Get your LinkedIn Profile in top notch shape. Clean it up as if your were going on that ultimate date. Polish it until the shine is so deep it is a mirror. Your profile is your meal ticket. LinkedIn is where recruiters go fishing. LinkedIn is where references are checked, Your LinkedIn Profile is where the rubber meets the road for jobs, referrals, and references. LinkedIn is the Human Resources Department of the future. This may sound a bit extreme for some, so lets look at real world claims an see what we can bring to light. Continue reading

Why Use Linkedin ?

Linkedin - The Future is here

Linkedin – The Future is here

Why Use LinkedIn ? This is a question that is asked quite often. Some believe that LinkedIn is only for those looking for a job. Often people think they are too busy to take the time to create a good profile. On and on excuses go and why argue. Everyone gets to make their own choices. So lets take a look and why utilization of LinkedIn is such a valuable tool for today’s business people. Whether you are fully employed, secure and happy with your job, or a job seeker LinkedIn can help you. Whether you are an independent consultant,  a Realtor, a plumber, a programmer, a health care professional, an actor or a recent graduate, LinkedIn is a tool to help further your career and those to whom you are connected.

In today’s world it is not uncommon to look up or Google someone to see what Continue reading

Why Use Yelp?

Why Use YELP? - The Urban Guide

Why Use Yelp?

Why Use Yelp ?

Why Use YELP ?  you might ask as many have. Lets watch YELP as it enables you to share your insights so others will have an inside guide to places to visit and even places to not visit. My wife and I have used YELP all across the nation and have had stellar results in locating wonderful restaurants, parks, monuments, museums, and more. Often locating places we might never have known about, or even considered. This is a really wonderful experience. Sharing our experiences on YELP gives some of our experience to others.

What is YELP?

YELP is an online urban city guide that allows people express their opinions about businesses and share those opinions with the world. Many use YELP to locate great restaurants or businesses based upon the reviews of others. Everyone can participate in sharing their knowledge about businesses, places, and locations where they have experiences.

Why Use Yelp ?

It is more than a good idea, it is a life enhancing reference to help make decisions the simply increase the quantity and quality of life’s adventures. is rated as the 137th busiest site in the world and the 30th busiest site in the United States. YELP Shares are traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

What is WordPress?

WordPressWordPress can be anything you want it to be. This may seem like an odd statement, but as you look at WordPress sites around the world you can easily see that WordPress can be anything from a very advanced complex site to a basic blog, with all flavors in between. One of the big keys here is that you can have a WordPress site and begin posting information almost immediately  and the site can grow as you do! WordPress is part of an Open Source  Initiative software to build maintain and update websites. it is used by millions worldwide. WordPress powers, at last count, over 15% of the world’s websites. The software is free and open source and was first developed by Matthew Charles “Matt” Mullenweg.
As Always, Charley

Social Media 101 – Part 2 – Fundamentals

[usc_heading size=”16″]Social Media Fundamentals[/usc_heading]

Social Media Fundamentals

Social Media Fundamentals – How To?

Today we’re going to look Social Media. Social media seems to be today’s buzz. The hottest newest marketing thing, but really it is something you been doing all along. You interact with people, you engage them, you talk with them – remember that phrase talk with them – you mix all that up and people do business with the people they trust. This is important. This is the way business has been done for a long time.

Now for the question that is always going to be asked. A question that is going to be asked and seems to be asked over and over again is  What’s in it for me?[usc_pullquote]What’s in it for me?[/usc_pullquote] I’m doing fine. If your business is great and you want to keep it just the way it is, then maybe you would be best to move along because you don’t need to change. Yes, for some businesses this can be totally ignored. That is a personal choice and small businesses, especially in smaller towns, or smaller markets just Continue reading

LinkedIn – A Foundational Key to Your Digital Footprint

Your Digital Footprint is the key to being found on the internet. Your LinkedIn profile is foundational to This Digital Footprint. In an Interview at Cherent Ranch Studio, Charley Carlin gives some of the whys and what fors about LinkedIn, including why one would want a LinkedIn Profile and how this profile is one of the keys to helping yourself and others on the internet.

Your Digital Footprint

For Additional information about linkedin and how it connects you and you company to others people and companies – please read:

Digital Footprint - Linkedin details with Charley Carlin


Why Use Linkedin ?  – Why ? Lets find out!
Linkedin – One Million Connections! – Everyone thinks they want a million friends. How can you start them flowing?
Social Media Beginnings – Step ZERO – Take a look at your existing leads and be sure to follow all these first.

Social Media 101 – Part 1 – The Buzz – What is all the excitement about with this Social Media?

Social Media 101 – Part 2 – Fundamentals – Lets do Foundational work first.

Social Media 101 – Part 3 – LinkedIn Profile – Your Profile identifies you on the web. What does yours look like?

Social Media 101 – Part 1 – The Buzz

Social Media Beginnings – Where to Start

Social Media Beginnings - Where to Start?

Social Media Beginnings – Where to Start?

Social Media Beginnings, The Question is what is it? Where do I start? It is the Buzz of this year (and probably several years) is the phrase Social Media. Everyone is an expert. Speakers everywhere are casting their nets to rake in clients. Webinars promise the answer. Social Media secrets are being revealed by executives and movement leaders everywhere. Each guru has their set of ‘secrets.’ The desire to find the magic bullet can be so intense that the research can go on and on and on. The list of things to do, sites to register, pages to write, search engine optimization tricks, branding , site metrics, return on investment, and a hundred more items seem to be beckoning to consume every minute of your day. What is one to do? Continue reading

Linkedin – One Million Connections!

Linkedin-logoImagine … everyone wants a million connections, a million friends, and a million a month flowing in effortlessly. Many search for the magic bullet, secret tip, little know tidbit of knowledge, ultimate marketing plan that will overnight skyrocket them into the number one position on the internet. Fame and fortune can be yours, says the ad, just click here and give us your credit card and we will turn you into an instant success. Just follow our simple directions.

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